What is the brainberry?

Where does it come from?

Why is it used?

What are the benefits?


What is the brainberry?

Brainberry® is a standardized natural aronia berry ingredient.

Where does it come from?

This ingredient is extracted from fresh Aronia Melanocarpa berries grown in the Baltic region of Europe.

The exceptional concentration of active cyanidin glycosides makes Aronia berry one of the most interesting berries for improving brain health.

Why is it used?

The cyanidins contained in the Aronia berry and its standardized extract Brainberry®, are powerful antioxidants and recent studies have shown that they cross the blood-brain barrier and improve cerebrovascular blood flow and synaptic neuronal efficiency.

Two clinical studies in particular have been conducted on Brainberry® double-blind versus placebo and have demonstrated improved concentration, psychomotor control, accuracy, psychomotor speed and serum BDNF levels.

Supplementation with Brainberry® therefore significantly improves psychomotor speed and control, concentration and mental flexibility in middle-aged subjects at a low daily dose of 16 mg of cyanidin glycosides.

Additionally, Brainberry® supplementation significantly improves attention, psychomotor speed, and BDNF levels in young adults at a daily dose of 180 mg of cyanidins.

Brainberry® offers brain health benefits that are relevant to all age groups.

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What are the benefits?

Brainberry Wild Blueberry Powder is a Natural Health Product rich in antioxidants. The high antioxidant power of this superfruit fights free radicals in your body and helps maintain good health.

This ingredient is used in:

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