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The impact of gaming on your health

We put science at the service of gamers’ performance by offering a range of food supplements 100% adapted to the effects and needs of gamers’ bodies. Discover an unprecedented range to improve your health and well-being during your gaming sessions.

You have low energy or feel tired very quickly

1337 TONIC


You have trouble focusing while playing

1337 FOCUS


Your eyes hurt when you stay in front of a screen

1337 VIEW


You are often stressed when you play

1337 RELAX


You have trouble falling asleep after a gaming session

1337 SLEEP


You have deficiencies or an unbalanced diet

1337 NUTRI


Already 5 esport teams trust us, discover our




The best of science

We use science to enhance gamers’ performances. Our ambition is to encourage the useage of food supplements 100% adapted to the effect of gaming on the body. Our expertise in natural ingrediants combined to extensive studies on the effect of gaming on gamers’ health, we offer you a unique brand for enhancing performances and wellness during your gaming sessions

Our laboratory's expertise

We have over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of dietary supplements. 1337 Pharma is the only laboratory in the sector with proven scientific credibility in this area with more than 30 products designed under our Bio-Research brand and more than 10,000 loyal customers for 15 years to testify to our know-how.

freedom to play

1337 Pharma frees your body from the consequences of intensive gaming. As an Esports player, Our products help restore a healthy balance to your body. Each of the 7 products in our range aims to allow gamers to play liberated while preserving their body for total concentration on the practice of gaming.


Pure performance is not our goal. We believe that well-being, just like the pleasure of the game, is more important to succeed and flourish in Esport. It’s time to give the body and pleasure a rightful place in the lives of gamers. Natural products, eco-responsible packaging: Our commitment is total, for your health and for the planet.

Our expertise

1337 Pharma is a french laboratory, elaborating its products formulas on its own. With 20 years experience, our different subsidiaries has created over 90 different products and already satisfied over 10 000 customers.

To trust 1337 Pharma, is to trust a french laboratory, expert in producing healthcare products and food supplements for two decades.

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