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Know-how & laboratory

Where does our expertise come from?

Our 1337 Pharma products come from a laboratory that has been producing nearly 50 references from 6 different brands for over 30 years. Our laboratory has produced more than 150,000 products over the many years of its existence in this field.

The experience of the people in charge of the production of our food supplements allows us to guarantee effective and quality products.

Nearly 10 people are in charge of product design and 20 people are in charge of manufacturing

What is our design process?

1/ Research
2/ Formulation
3/ Sourcing
4/ Quality control
5/ Mixing
6/ Quality control
7/ Putting into capsules
8/ Microbiological analysis
9/ Packaging

Our certifications


Iso 22000



Plant extracts

How do we source the right elements and components for our 1337 Pharma products?

Our gamer health line is made up of different ingredients based on natural elements such as plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that allow gamers to stay healthy without consuming products that are harmful to their bodies.

The quality of the components is a key aspect for our team. All the elements that make up our products have a very precise selection process so that their quality remains fixed and perfectly controlled.

It is only after extensive research that proves the effectiveness and beneficial effect of an ingredient, that it can be added to one of our recipes. A page dedicated to all the health studies on the effectiveness of the ingredients used will be published very soon.

Our demand for quality products is fixed, all our products are subjected to regular tests and controls which allow the maintenance of an optimal quality.

1337 Pharma products are the result of extensive research and a desire to free gamers from all the constraints associated with playing video games.

Essential oil of Katrafay

1337 SPRAY


1337 SPRAY

eucalyptus essential oil

1337 SPRAY


1337 TONIC


1337 TONIC


1337 FOCUS

Ginkgo Biloba

1337 FOCUS

Lutein zeaxanthin

1337 View


1337 Focus


1337 View

St. John’s wort

1337 RELAX


1337 RELAX


1337 SLEEP