Warming up in esports: a little-known practice?

Why so little recognition for the warm-up?

For some players, video games are just a moment of pleasure and an activity without really physical and mental commitment. Nevertheless the practice of electronic sport puts your body forward more than you think.

In general, warming up is a sacred moment for athletes. This allows you to warm up your body, your muscles, to concentrate well before an event and above all to pay attention to your physical and mental shape. Why aren’t we talking about it in esports?

In sport we see athletes warming up live, in a stadium, gymnasium or track. However, as during a show, in esports players prepare before going on stage, so we quickly forget the warm-up before a competition.

This training before entering the stage is however very important for all players, including Sunday players. Punctuated with simple gestures, a warm-up does not take more than 5 minutes physically. The mental load is more important, so the warm-up must be more important.

What can happen if I don’t warm up?

Overall, in esports, all injuries can be prevented through warm-ups. However, they can still occur (because warming up only reduces the risks) and slip into the players’ path. We can thus evoke the “carpal tunnel syndrome” (wrist lesion), de Quervain’s tenosynovitis (thumb tendinitis) and neck pain (hyper stress on the head) in the area of physical pain, very often articular. For all that is related to the work of the joints and the pains which follow, 1337 Pharma has the solution in its shop: the 1337 Spray .

Other pathologies can occur, we can thus evoke problems of aggressiveness, addiction. The body can be fed up and physically saturate, or even lose sight. There is also a very common anomaly among gamers, which is the loss of sleep, or short and unpleasant nights. The sleep problem can be managed with a product from our product range: 1337 Sleep .


What to do to warm up well? First of all, you have to work in stages and differentiate the parts of the body according to their uses: you won’t work your legs if you play League of Legends.


Re physical training, we can separate the elbows and the wrists to concentrate on their movements because they are the most important to move on the games. We must also pay attention to the neck because, although the players do not realize it, it works a lot during games, in particular because of tension, stress or even bad gestures related to the playing position. Finally, the most important but also the most fragile element: the eyes. Remember to take a lot of time to warm up your eyes well because in addition to allowing you to do good games, it is also a very sensitive part of the body and which causes a lot of harm to esports athletes.


mental training is easier to set up. It’s about always launching one or two warm-up games to get into the groove while remembering all the actions to be done. You have to give yourself to 110 %, in order to be 100% ready for the competition.


The benefits a good warm-up before a game:


  1. Good performance due to adaptation to the game and muscles already solicited upstream.
  2. Mental preparation to embark on a competition and stress reduction
  3. Better recovery after competition, as well as reduced physical and eye fatigue
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Notes for later:

Esports is now a mainstay of global competitions with nearly 1.08 billion dollars in revenue worldwide in 2021. With this place, esports therefore has a strong image, especially among young people of generation Z. We must not forget to transmit, as we already do in sport, the good gestures to repeat and the bad ones to forget. , to our young gamers.

Like sport, esport also has its share of daily warm-ups to do, without which the risk of injury remains high. We advise you to take a look at the video of Yuukiio who comes back very well on his personal feelings about warming up in esports: WARMING UP in E-SPORT or how to RANK UP EASILY .

We also advise you to consult our shop 1337 Pharmaceuticals to learn more about our other products, which will be very useful to you in your development as a gamer.