Child gamers have better cognitive performance

To begin :

According to a study carried out by a university of Vermont and published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open , children who are playing to video games would have better cognitive performance than those not playing at video games.

In this study, conducted by Bader Chaarani , assistant professor of psychiatry in this university of Vermont, c which was just a hobby, fears by most parents, which would make children beasts and dependent , might turn out to be more beneficial than they think.

Other studies are scary by their results: depression , has aggressiveness and show the reverse e what we are going to talk to you about. VS are studies are less likely to credit, because they lack details and the population tested was too small.

This study is f launched notr them Institutes Americans for health ( NIH ), this study includes approximately 2000 children Between 9 and 10 years separated into 2 groups of the same number with on the one hand, children who play video games 3 hours or more per day and on the other, children who never play video games . 3 hours a day is the limit chosen, because it represents a higher schedule than that recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Both groups had to perform the same tasks . Instead based on the reaction , the first “test” was to click on the corresponding button when an arrow was displayed on the screen. Knowing that the arrow was directional and constantly changing. The second test is based on the memory . A first face appears, then p had to e time after a second. The child had to say whether the two faces were the same or not.

Results :

After analyzing the potential problems that could disturb them results, even the distort , that is to say the parent’s income , them mental problems and the intelligence quotient . The conclusion is quite clear, children who play more than 3 hours of video games have better results than children who never play video games .

Studies like this show that from an early age attitudes must be good with video games. 1337 Pharma products are perfect for helping preserve one’s health during game sessions and ensure a healthy development the quality of the player.

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Why these results?

Child gamers in particular were analyzed during the test, in particular their brains . The images show that the players’ brains had more activity in areas of the brain related to attention and at the memory that the brains of non-players . “The results raise the interesting possibility that video games provide a cognitive learning experience having measurable neurocognitive effects », concluded the authors of this study.

These results highlight a question, “Is it the does to play which gives such cognitive performance or is it higher cognitive performance who give wanna play ?” wonders Bader Chaarani .

Which is safe, is that this study continue to when those children will be older and results even clearer will appear. Furthermore, it is certain that improper use of screens is Wrong for children’s health. However we note that a moderate and verified use on video games can be beneficial for kids like video Youtube , which do not represent signs cognitive, although they can for some, bring awareness .