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PARIS: Stress and pressure, the pet peeves of e-sportspeople

Press Agency – 19/12/2022

In E-SPORT, the mind has a major impact on performance. However, just like professional athletes, e-sportspeople experience stress and pressure. FOCUS ON 1337 RELAX, a food supplement that allows relaxation after gaming sessions that can be very intense.”

Christmas D!

Marianne – 07/12/2022

“Based on essential oil of katrafay, lemon eucalyptus and arnica, a pschitt against pain related to overuse of joints and muscles in compulsive gamblers – Spray 1337 Pharma.”

1337 Pharma is the first health range specially designed for gamers

Science and Future – Research 910 – 12/2022

“1337 VIEW is a dietary supplement intended for take care of the health of eyes , particularly strained organs during prolonged exposure to screens.

Full throttle!

Pharmacist Manager – 01/11/2022

“Created before last summer and distributed online, this unique offer, marketed by the 1337 Pharma laboratory, is arriving in pharmacies. Obviously for the person who imagined and launched it, Antoine Nahmani, former gamer and son of a pharmacist.”

These dietary supplements are dedicated to video game addicts – 09/17/2022

“The objective of the new range of natural supplements 1337 PHARMA? Offer a range of products, each targeting a different problem and allowing each gamer to play to the maximum of his potential, preserving his body for optimal concentration in his practice of gaming .”

1337 PHARMA, the first health range designed for gamers

Press Agency – 07/20/2022

“Launched in 2022, after 5 years of research, 1337 PHARMA is the first French company to have developed natural food supplements specific to gamers, with effective and safe ingredients, made in France and eco-responsible.