Game issues

When you play Valorant, your eyes are extremely stressed, which can lead to eye strain.

When you play Valorant, you may have trouble sleeping due to blue light and the stress you encounter.

When you play Valorant, we often have to use our hands, on the controller, we often notice pain in the hands.

When you play Valorant, it requires a lot of concentration, cold blood, which is very tiring.

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Presentation of the game

Valorant is a free-to-play, multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Riot Games and released on June 2, 2020.
The game, which began development in 2014, was first announced in October 2019 under the codename Project A. First announced for Windows in summer 2020, no console and macOS play confirmed, the closed beta period started on April 7, 2020. The official version was released on June 2, 2020.
Assumed by Riot Games without shame as a Csgo like.



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Official championships

Valorant Champion 2021/2022

One official championship per year with 1 million cashprize.

Valorant Official Site

In Valorant, each player takes on the role of an “agent” with unique abilities, duelist/entry fraggers, smokers, and supports.
In the main game mode, two teams of five players compete and agents use an economic system to purchase spells and weapons. A team attack and a defense: The attacking team has bombs which must be placed in the same place (the bomb is called the spike and it must be planted in an area on one of the “sites” present on the maps going from 2 to 3 sites). If it is properly shielded and explodes, the attacker scores points. On the other hand, if the defending team manages to defuse the bomb or the enemies run out of time (did not plant the bomb or left at least one person alive), they score points. Eliminating all members of the opposing team also wins the round. The first team to score 13 points wins game 1 (if there is 12-12 in ranked, it goes “over-time” with a victory in the first which puts 2 rounds ahead of the other, 12- 14, 13-15, 14-16 etc. until either one team wins or they vote together to tie).
A second game mode, the Spike Rush, is available and consists of randomized weapons and much faster play of up to seven rounds. Everyone has the spike in their inventory in the attackers, to facilitate quick play.
A third game mode, Deathmatch, consists of free-for-alls (yes, like call of duty at the time) played randomly by agents. The goal is not to plant and defuse bombs, but to eliminate as many as possible. The first player to reach 40 kills within the allotted six minutes wins the game.
Finally, Step Up is the newest game mode, offering shorter matches by pitting you against two teams of five players. The principle is to unlock new weapons in your team as you progress through the game. Each elimination advances the team one level and changes the weapon assigned to the player. If no team is the first to complete level 12 or has passed this level after 10 minutes of play, the team with the most progress in the level will be declared the winner.

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