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When you play Cyberpunk, your eyes are put under extreme strain, which can lead to eye strain.

When playing Cyberpunk, you may have trouble sleeping due to the blue light and stress you encounter.

When you play Cyberpunk, we often have to use our hands, on the controller, we often notice pain in the hands.

When you play Cyberpunk, it requires a lot of concentration, cold blood, which is very tiring.

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Cyberpunk (a mixture of cybernetics and punk) is a genre of science fiction closely related to dystopia and hard science fiction. Often identifying the near future of technologically advanced societies (especially information technology and cybernetics).
According to Bruce Sterling, “Modern cyberpunk emerges from a universe where computer nerds and rockers rub shoulders, a culture where genetic twists intersect.”
The world of cyberpunk is steeped in violence and pessimism. They are often dark and sometimes ironically jarring. The characters are disillusioned, cynical, and greedy antiheroes.
Since then, cyberpunk has spread its themes across a variety of media, including comics, movies, music, video games, and role-playing games.




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In opposition to science fiction stories taking place in a broader perspective (travel in space, discovery of new spaces, conflicts involving the known and unknown universe), cyberpunk is a confluence and conflict of the themes of hacker, artificial intelligence and multinational corporations mostly set in the near future on Earth.
The place where the story takes place has dystopian, “punk” characteristics, in the sense that the characters do their best to manage in a disorganized universe, where the future has already passed, finding themselves in the zone of uncertainty separating a “near-apocalypse” and the post-apocalyptic universe, see their actions come up against immovable, impalpable interests. The assimilation of the term “punk” is also induced by the slogan of this movement, “No Future! “, and by its aesthetics that are both familiar and particularly aggressive (in particular that of the so-called “neo-punk” branch including in particular the mohawk, the “iroquois” cut). The anarchist political implication is worth especially by its opposition to the organization of the capacities devoid of ethics, very strongly denounced and most of the time fought.
Cyberpunk writers borrow various elements from thrillers, crime novels, and post-modernist narratives to express an underground, chaotic, and nihilistic side of a fully computerized, even robotized, society. In his book The Gernsback Continuum, William Gibson ironically expresses cyberpunk culture’s contempt for utopian fiction. In cyberpunk works, the action mostly takes place in online cyberspace, and the boundary between virtual and reality tends to blur.

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