Cloud 9 Return Victorious to Dallas on

counter strike: global offensive!

After Counter-Strike’s first major event of the year, IEM Dallas ended Sunday evening with a victoire to Cloud9 . Our French from home vitality still can’t do it.

A tournament dominated by Cloud 9!

little revenge of Cloud9 following the disappointment of Antwerp , won two weeks ago by FaZe Clan .

Training Russian-speaking of the club American (which included four Russians and one Kazakh) win this weekend the IEM Dallas . They easily beat IN THIS (3-0) in the final. Cloud 9 released the favorite FaZe in the first round of the playoffs. It’s the first new title that the past membership of Gambit (a Russian structure, subject to international sanctions because of its proximity to the government) that obtains Cloud9 .

France in all this

If this EMI allowed a revenge to a major full of disappointments Cloud 9 , this was not the case for vitality : the France-Denmark formation of the tricolor club is fallen from the group stage.

If it is slightly better for G2 , which has several French in its ranks, the executioner of our little bees its inclined during the playoffs of the first round of the big stage ( quarterfinal ) against the Brazilians FURIA . The two teams will have the chance to face each other at Lisbon during the final of spring BLAST Tour (from June 15 to 19). It was an important meeting for groups who toil yet to be convinced.

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