LDLC OL wins (again) the LFL

LDLC OL, already champions in the spring, again won the French League of Legends in the summer final on Thursday by beating BDS Academy 3-1.


Already crowned French champions in the spring, they beat BDS Academy 3-1 in the summer final on Thursday to win the French LoL League again. Favorite to win the title at the end of the regular season, he was not beaten by the same opponent in the semi-finals last week. But he managed to get his revenge by boarding the group of losers, only winning at the last minute after a tense game.

In this game, the two evenly matched opponents were one-sided in the first round. In the first of these, BDS Academy pushed the accelerator hardest after the very enterprising Adam “Adam” Maanane.
Without panicking, LDLC OL went to a draw, led by their regular season MVP and author of The Perfect Game, Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire, before breaking in the third set to surprise opponent Martin “Yike” Sundelin d a Qiyana.

A hotly contested final

In a strong position, the Lyonnais thought they could easily get the job done in Game 4, and they soon had a big advantage. Fishing with overconfidence, they still squandered the lead, allowing their opponents to quietly level the score. But while the BDS seemed to have won the match, they perfectly took advantage of Jus “Crownie” Marusic’s placement error after a totally crazy final to win against all odds (3-1).

This second consecutive French title crowns a great season for LDLC OL, the most consistent French team of the year to date.

Struggling in the play-offs, after an extremely dominant regular season (17-1), the team learned from its mistakes to win the final, once again showing collective strength. This is the fourth title for the Lyonnaise structure, the most successful in the history of the championship, and Jeremy “Eka” Waldenell, the chief craftsman of this new triumphant movement.

The two finalists of the evening will perhaps have the opportunity to meet at the next European Masters, the second European competition. Due to their strong domestic performance, they qualified directly

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