1337 Pharma tips for staying in shape as a gamer

The Dangers of Long Sessions in One Position

Video games have many benefits regarding cognitive abilities and improved reflexes. However, long exposure to video games can cause certain physical and behavioral disorders.

Inactivity related to video games is one of the most frequent problems encountered by gamers. This can be a source of joint and blood circulation problems and thus cause pain all over the body.

From a behavioral point of view, video games can be a source of anguish, anxiety and thus cause sleep disorders when the gamer remains isolated and exposes himself to too long gaming sessions on screens.

Video games can therefore be quite harmful when the gamer does not adopt a good routine between these gaming sessions. That’s why we’ve given you some tips on how to stay efficient and in good shape during your gaming sessions and outside of them.

Our solutions to stay in shape and improve performance

Take regular breaks

To avoid keeping your body in one position for long periods of time, it is very important that you take regular breaks.

Take the opportunity to get out and get some air. This will allow your muscles to relax and thus unblock your joints.You will be more relaxed and more efficient during your next gaming session.

Exercise regularly

When you have to stay in one position for long periods of play, your back, shoulders and arms get tired quickly.

Exercising regularly stimulates all these muscles to reduce the pain associated with inactivity.For this you can for example go to a gym or even play sports at home.

A pull-up bar, for example, stimulates all your back and arm muscles and thus contributes to maintaining your form. In order to keep a regular physical activity you can for example set up a program in which you will carry out some physical exercises between each game session.

This will allow you to keep in good shape and boost your in-game performance.