La Karmine Corp winner of the European Masters for the third time

May 12, 2022

The Karmine Corp. won its third title in a row on Saturday evening in European Masters of League of Legends by beating another French club, which is none other than LDLC OL, after a breathtaking finale (3-1). The favourites, undefeated in this championship, were the Lyonnais of LDLC OL , but they were overthrown by the impressive team Karmine Corp, who managed to take the psychological advantage during this final.

A disputed final in the first round

However, the first round was dominated by LDLC OL , which thus won its thirteenth race in a row in these European Masters and launched ideally in the final.

But, the second round was completely different. After one good fit during the draft phase, the players of Karmine Corp managed to turn the tide and win round two .

Karmine Corp succeeded in reversing the trend thanks in particular to a series of teamfights perfectly mastered. This defeat therefore interrupted the winning streak of LDLC OL and somewhat destabilized them. They did not manage to rectify the situation in the draft despite a very good Martin “Yike” Sundelin.

Irreproachable at all levels, La Karmine managed to win the third and fourth rounds thanks in particular to a Lucas “Saken” Fayard. He is the only player to have participated in the three editions during which Karmine had been crowned. He is thus the only one of the team to have been crowned for the third time .

Rekkles relaunches

Beyond the feat of Karmine Corp, which won this title for the third time, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson the Swedish player of the KC has finally managed to revive. The Swedish player is a star of the LEC and of European Esport. However, he has been lacking in performance in recent seasons. This European title is like a career boost of the young Swede.

Whoever wins this confrontation, LDLC OL leave with a leadership status in the final that may allow them to win the title of champion of the European Masters.