LoL – JDG won the Chinese league against Top Esport.

After a very tight game (3-2) with Top Esports, JDG won the Chinese League of League of Legends on Thursday. A title to become the darling of the World Championships in a month.

A welcome revenge

After Spring’s Royal Never Give Up, the Chinese League of Legends has a new champion. JDG won the summer (summer) split by beating Top Esports (3-2) on Thursday. As always, the game is extremely close between the two teams, who are facing each other for the third time in the Final of the National Championship (one victory so far). But just like last week’s semi-finals, which ended with the same result, Zeng “Yagao” Qi and his teammates beat their opponents again after the home game. Already unfortunate spring finalists, Top Esports dominated the fifth and final rounds until the half hour mark before collapsing under an impressive punch from Wang “Hope” Jie in the encounter, given the scenario of the fifth and final round, will have legitimate regrets.

China on top of the world

Throughout the game, it was still JDG who proved to be the most solid, showing a lot of creativity to find the ideal teamfight in each situation. He would have kept the suspense until the end, in particular by missing the second round when he looked promising.

It is no surprise that these two teams are looming in the final of the World Championship (September 29 to November 5). In any case, as winners of three of the last four editions of three different teams (Invictus Gaming 2018, FunPlus Phoenix 2019, Edward Gaming 2021), China again managed two headliners at roughly similar levels. and very impressive to send. As things stand, it looks like only Generation G five, newly crowned Korean champions last Sunday, can catch up to them.