Malmö will be the city of the next LEC final.

Three years later Athens , the European Championship League of Legends will return to major theaters at the end of the summer segment in early September. The city of Malmo , which planned to host the event in 2020 , was again selected .


The September 10 and 11 , the League of Legends European Championship will be in physics. For the summer finale, the LEC will end in Malmö after three years of competition online or with a reduced audience. Riot Games , the game’s publisher and tournament organizer, made the announcement tuesday .
Sweden’s third-largest city was due to host the event in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic covid had to upset the plans. Athens , at the end of 2019 and therefore still the last LEC final to take place in the Big room . The Malmo Arena (approximately 15,000 places) will break this chronic shortage.

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On the professional stage League of Legends , over the last three seasons, only a handful of events international (like the 2020 Worlds in China or the MSI 2022 in South Korea) were able to compete in front of thousands of spectators.
Whether Riot Games restores the previous roadmap for the next finals of the LEC , the city of Budapest , which has been designated as the host of the spring 2020 event, and the city of Montpellier , which will host the event in 2021, may well find themselves in trouble.

Karrigan Major