Brazil will finally host the first Counter-Strike Major in its history.

Just two days after the Major taking place in Antwerp , the ESL, the organizer of the “auriverde” tournament, announced Tuesday evening one another tournament of this caliber would take place at Rio de Janeiro (of October 31 to November 13, 2022 ). The competition reflects “the ESL One Rio” , the first major Brazilian scheduled for 2020, which was first postponed then has canceled due to the pandemic Covid-19 .

Brazil, the holy land of CS:GO

The Auriverde , a true sporting country, has one of the most warm from the country.

Specially announced to the public thanks to legends ,Gabriel” Fallen “Toledo and Marcelo” coldzera ” David, both winners of both Majors and one of the biggest names in the history of the game. Not to mention the “chief” commentator Brazilian Alexander” Gaul” Borba, Brazil is the best destination for counter strike .

Don’t forget the legendary Neymar JR , the player Paris Saint Germain is a big fan of the game and especially of the scene professional . Apart from Europe and North America, no continent has hosted a major, for the South America and so Rio de Janeiro .

How is it going to be?

The format of the tournament does not differ from previous Majors. It will take place in three stages starting with the “ Challengers Internship ”, then the “ Legends Stage “and finally the” Champions Stage “.

We will have 24 teams who will face each other. Even though none of top teams of the scene is guaranteed to be in Rio this autumn , due to qualifications, a new page in the history of counter strike will definitely write to Brazil beginning november .

Karrigan Major