FaZe wins the PGL MAJOR ANTWERP on Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

On May 22, 2022, in Antwerp, Belgium, the final of the major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took place, which pitted the current world leader FaZe against the formidable second NaVi.
First of all, you should know that NaVi has long been number 1, but being a Ukrainian structure, they have lost momentum with the latest events.

A deserved victory

Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty, FaZe won the major organized by PGL This year. After a tough game ending in 19-16 for FaZe, the second game was less tight and we saw a bigger gap, with again a FaZe victory , thus sealing fate and making them victorious of this BO3. It’s here first victory during a major from FaZe, even though they have long touched the top of the rankings. It’s been a year that’s off to a good start for FaZe, having already won two major tournaments in 2022, many would say it’s “ the year of FaZe “.

Regarding first game arguing about Infernos , FaZe having chosen him, they were able to start it with a lot of speed and fluidity, surprising NaVi enormously, however, at each end of the side, NaVi began to take the ascendancy again by adapting perfectly to the style of play of the players. FaZe. Finally in overtime it will be FaZe who will come out victorious.

For the second game being on Nuke chosen by NaVi, following this psychological war during the first soundtrack, it is with an Oleksandr “ simple “Kostyliev diminished that we could notice a solid defensive side from FaZe and the highlight from Havard” rain Nygaard, who was able to show that he deserved his MVP for this final.

A support that warms the heart

Two important things to note in the geopolitical context current in Ukraine , we saw a lot of support via flags in the colors yellow and blue .

Then, even if our favorite bees, the Team Vitality , saw herself disqualified quickly, the Golden Hornets” , the “ultras” of Team Vitality were there to mark a great atmosphere. They have been noticed by all, whether by the twitter account of CS:GO , of ZywOo , of Navi or by that of Karrigan . They even went to sing at the foot of the hotel where was the T eam Vitality .

Karrigan Major