Valorant – Vitality champion of France

Despite being the best team in the regular season, Vitality beat the MAD Lions (3-0) in the final to win the title of French Vaillant on Sunday evening.

A one-sided final

Two of the most impressive teams to date and the best in the regular season of the French Championship Valorant, the MAD Lions and Vitality meet in the final of the match this Sunday evening. But this expected poster is not as tight as it seems. By winning without losing a single game (3-0), Vitality secured the league record in Division 1.
The fate of this one-sided final – if we stop at this dry score – is undoubtedly played out in the first of the three matches: suspended and tense, turning into extra time to the advantage of the future champions (16-14 ). a clear psychological advantage and dominated a MAD Lions team far from regular season level (17-1) for the next two rounds.

future readers

The quota of tight matches had undoubtedly been exceeded in the semi-finals, Friday and Saturday: respectively against Mandatory and Karmine Corp, MAD Lions and Vitality had won in five games each time.

Karrigan Major