T1 Faker’s interview about the importance of your physical condition on a daily basis

After their quick 3-0 win over Kwangdong Freecs, T1 have qualified for the 2022 LCK Spring Split Qualifying Finals, which will take place on April 2. Before his clash against Gen.G, Faker and Polt his head coaches answered some questions posed by Inven Global.

It was an opportunity to look back on the match and to discuss their week of preparation before the final that awaits them.

The interview

It was a flawless 3-0. How do you both feel after this victory and your qualification for the finals?

Faker: I’m very happy to play the final again and I’m also happy to have made it 3-0 tonight.

Polt: I feel like we were able to show what we had prepared tonight, so I’m very happy.

[Pour Faker] How do you feel about being the LCK All-Pro Team first-team midlaner?

I don’t attach too much importance to it, because in the end, what really matters is winning the championship. I think it’s the result of having good teammates and performing well with them.

Oner was the only one not to make the All-LCK first team. How did he react? Was he disappointed?

Faker: After seeing the ad, he was so unhappy that he didn’t talk all day. However, he was back to normal the next day.[rires] .

Tonight, you played Vex twice against FATE’s Leblanc. Is the matchup easy for Vex? Tell me more about this matchup.

Faker: Vex is a champion that really depends on how the player handles him. I think she can take precedence as long as you don’t make a mistake.

Unlike Games 1 and 2, where T1 got a dominant win over KDF, there were times in Game 3 where T1 faltered.

Faker: The enemy team composition had champions who were good on defense. It was much harder to snowball in the game because our opponents were really good on defense after the mid game.

What impressed me personally in Game 3 was when the team went back to kill the enemy Xayah after losing the fourth dragon. Who made this decision?

Faker: Keria was able to take advantage of the moment when the enemy relaxed. When on tapped champions like Nautilus, Keria is really good at finding attack angles. Like he did tonight.

What’s the secret to T1’s fast tempo and the team’s ability to snowball very quickly?

Faker: There are a lot of games where we get to snowball in the early and mid game, and that’s because my teammates know their power spikes very well. I think all of this is possible because of the confidence the team has in the plays they make.

Polt: Players are very good at finding the plays they need to make in the game. If I really had to pick something they need to work on, I’d say they’re sometimes overconfident when they have a huge lead.

[Pour Faker] It was recently announced that Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun has been named the head coach of Team Korea for the upcoming Asian Games. How do you think you will feel if you have the opportunity to work with him again in the Korea team?

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with kkOma, so this will be a trip back in time. It’s also a lot of fun to work with new players, so if I have the opportunity to play for the Korea team, it will be a very memorable competition.

Obviously, for Faker, playing in the final is nothing new, but for Polt, this is your first final as a head coach. I’m curious to know if something has changed in your mentality for this split.

Faker: Not much has changed as I have always prepared hard for all the finals I have been to. This time around our team has been playing really well throughout the regular season so I would say I’m more looking forward to winning the championship.

Polt: The last time I was there was in the 2021 Summer Split Finals, so as the head coach of this split, I’m preparing even harder to win this split.

What should T1 work on for the finals?

Faker: We don’t have a lot of sparring partners until the finals, so I think it’s important to organize all the data and experience we’ve gathered up to this point. Maintaining our shape and physical condition is our number one priority.

Polt: Our coaching staff will work very closely with the players to maintain their form. It’s up to us to analyze our opponent and help him maintain his best condition until the final.

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

Faker: There’s about a week left before the finals, so I’m going to make sure I prepare well to do better than in the playoffs.

Polt: We’ve come this far, so we’ll try to win the final.

To remember

Through this interview we have seen that Faker and Polt are indeed determined to go through with their playoffs and win the final. And his very satisfied with their clear victory which now gives them access to the playoffs

Preparation is a key success factor for them. The whole team is aware that maintaining good physical and mental health is essential in order to achieve the long-awaited goal. The coming week is therefore likely to be very rigorous so that everyone can be at their best in-game performance during the finals.

So much action is yet to come, stay tuned to find out more about the results of the LCK Spring Split 2022 Finals and how T1 performed during this event.