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When you play a simulation game, your eyes are strained for a long time, which can lead to eye strain.

With some simulation games, you may have trouble sleeping due to the blue light and the stress you may encounter.

On some simulation games, regardless of the platform, we have to use our hands often, whether with clicks if you use a mouse, or with quick movements with a controller.

Some of the simulation games require a lot of concentration, cold blood, which is very tiring.

What are simulation games?

Simulation games aim to realistically reproduce the sensations felt at the controls of a car, plane, tank, train, etc. They take into account the laws of physics, the limits of reality and a number of behavioral parameters specific to piloted vehicles.

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Simulation games are games (board or video games) that recreate activities and plots in different environments. The most popular are economy, management and role-playing games. If simulation is related to war, or real or fictional battles, we are most likely talking about strategy games or war games, and miniature games are the manifestation of this.
Simulation games are characterized by the ability to interact, suggest and interact with the environment. A video game is not a simulation game if the scenarios are already predefined and assembled for the player, and without the defined interactions. Video games make it possible to show machines and systems in action thanks to computers. The term simulation game refers to the driving or virtual control of machines of any kind (planes, cars, motorcycles, space shuttles, etc.) or movement in an environment (cellular biology, etc.). There are also system simulators such as Radar (Air Traffic Management). The field of simulation is vast and can overlap with other categories.

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