Interview – Mechant, CSGO Player at Webspell

We made an interview of the csgo player, of the Webspell structure “MECHANT”. We hope you like it, happy reading!


  • Could you introduce us to your team in a few words?

Team WebSpell is in a way my second family, to be accompanied and supported by this structure, it’s pure happiness!

  • What game do you mainly play?

I mainly play on CSGO.

  • What is your best memory as a player?

After having surveyed many LANs in France, there was this first LAN where finally, we had made a good top. It was at the Nantarena. It was a weekend exceptional.

  • Do you have a particular routine or preparation before your games or during competitions?

We have a common routine with the team and I which starts 30 minutes before matches in which we prepare ourselves mentally and above all mechanically in order to to be the most efficient from the start.

  • What are the main similarities between sports and esports?

For me, the main similarities are, the rigor during training everyday life, to mentally prepare for an event, and finally the passion!

  • How did you come to have this passion for video games and the desire to join a team? ?

Already very young, I was quite immersed in video games. The years have passed, I continued to play anything and everything, but it was a bit of a dark time where I didn’t know what to do with my life. When I discovered CSGO, I finally found the answers to my questions. I wanted to live from this passion and be happy that way.

  • According to you, what differentiates a very good player from a player at the level international ?

I am often told that “the devil is in the details”, it is totally true. The difference between a good player and an Inter player is simply that the lesser small detail is taken into account or calculated.

  • Can you tell us about your daily training programs?

My daily program starts around noon with a workout from my beloved for 2 hours (dm, aim lab, etc.) to continue with demo analysis during a good hour. Then we relax a bit with a few games in the afternoon, short break until the beginning of our pracc as a team, that is to say at 7:30 p.m. Warm-up of 30 min then pracc from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.

  • How do you imagine esports in 10 years?

That esport is even more popularized, that it is even more accessible, that we can make a living from it more easily and above all that it be recognized at its fair value.