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When you play a MOBA, your eyes are extremely stressed, which can lead to eye strain.

When you play a MOBA, you may have trouble sleeping due to the blue light and the stress you encounter.

On many MOBAs, regardless of the platform, we often have to use our hands, whether with clicks (APM), or with quick movements.

MOBAs require a lot of concentration, cold blood, which is very tiring (and nerves of steel, especially in LoL.

MOBAs, what are they?

Prefix attached to the genre (MMORPG, MMOFPS, MMORTS), the abbreviation MMO designates any massively multiplayer game, that is to say played by several dozen players up to several million. All these players are spread all over the world and interact with each other in the same video game via their internet connection.

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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is a genre of video game that originated in Defense of the Ancients (DotA), a Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos mod released in 2003 that combined real-time strategy and role. So we’re also talking about things like DotA. The term real-time action strategy (A-RTS) is also used. MOBA is a sub-genre of MMO, also born from a branch of online strategy games, MMORTS.
It is primarily a multiplayer genre and is usually played with two teams of five players. The objective for each team is to destroy the main structure of the opposing team, by means of the characters controlled by each player and with the help of the units controlled by the computer.
The MOBA is a genre in constant progression, its popularity peaked with the game League of Legends which, in mid-2016, accumulated 100 million monthly players, becoming the most played online game to date.
The game map corresponds to the battlefield where the objectives are located and all the confrontations take place.
Typical card structures:

Symmetrical between two camps (can be asymmetrical within the same camp);
contains a base (to be defended) which is seen by a defined number of characters, often the base is protected by a system whose destruction corresponds to the end of the game;
contains one or more clear paths/lanes connecting the 2 bases; between the paths is a rugged, tortuous area, the jungle, suitable for hiding (to hide or find hidden objects);
contains several defense systems (towers, turrets, etc.) to defend the base; they are strategic elements whose destruction brings a clear advantage;
contains at least one resurrection point (spawn), normally in the base, this is where killed characters are reborn;
contains objects (which can be picked up, moved and/or used);
can be affected by the fog of war which obstructs the vision of opponents; each character / minion has a vision limited by the fog, but which can be more or less extended through towers and certain objects (in particular beacons or wards); having vision over the whole map is decisive during a game, we talk about vision control or map control;
finally, the card contains living beings (or assimilated), playable or non-playable, neutral or affiliated to a camp.

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